Deities gave Humans Culture | Ancient China-Visitors from the heavens

Did the Deities from the “heavens” teach us how to Read and Write?

Around the globe we find many accounts of Deities ascending from the heavens and living among humans- leaving back a legacy of Culture, Writing and Arts. To the modern scholars everything from the past that sounds more advanced than today is regarded mythology. Are the accounts of ancient really just myth or is there more to the stories of beings from the heavens who teach humans Writing and Culture?

Lets reach as far out as we can..

There is allot of proof that humans obtained their culture from deities..that came from the heavens.

Helios and His Flying Chariot pulled by Winged horses

Helios and His Flying Chariot pulled by Winged horses

Even if the beings to whom the ancients referred to as Gods were of flesh and bone or a material manifestation of some type.. this does not make their revelations to humans less holy and divine. It also does not mean that what orthodox religions like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others believe in is not true. There are many aspects of the Universal Reality which we can not judge alone with our eyes or 5 seances or by using our limited understanding of science alone.

Yes there are also accounts of negative beings in the past. They would misuse the humans vulnerabiliy to temptation. His wishes to gain material wealth, recognition and fame. The negative beings how ever only seam to be allowed to exist to a certain extend, beyond which they would be banished and the balance restored.
Also the beings we speak of here, are not those you mean when you talk about aliens.. Even aliens are subject to the cosmical principles and standards of character which go beyond even their level of understanding. They mite not speak our language but with out following universal principles of Truth, Compassion or Forbearance they would not be able to continue existing.They would have eliminated them selves by using their advanced technology. Judged by the Universal principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance you can truly distinguish between evil and righteous, right and wrong, good and bad.

So we are referring to those known as great enlightened beings and Deities from other cosmical bodies who in the past of man kind descended from the heavens and passed on to humans knowledge of Culture, Art and Writing. Those who are spoken of in Religions and ancient writings.

English: Zhuanxu, one of the mythical Five Sov...

English: Zhuanxu, one of the mythical Five Sovereigns. Inscription reads: ‘The God Zhuanxu, Gao Yang, was the grandson of the Yellow Emperor and the son of Chang Yi’ (Birrell, Chinese Mythology, ISBN 0-8018-6183-7, p.48) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Yellow Emperor of China:
One well known and documented legend is the one of the Chinese Emperor Huang-Die (2697-2598 B.C.)-also known as “The Yellow Emperor”. It is also known from legends of other cultures like the Egyptians and Zulus, that those kings and rulers who descended from the heavens were referred to as “Gods” or Deities. Chinese accounts are no different in this regard.

How silk was passed on to humans from the heavens:
According to legend, before Huang -Di was born “a radiance from the great star Chi and the Dipper Constellation (Ursa Major) could be seen. After Hung-Di’s birth, which was marked with a “thunderclap on a clear day in the skies he begins to unify China. He is also credited for giving culture, teaching Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to the chinese people of that time. It is also said that his wife taught the Chinese how to make silk.

Now this is not the only account of a Deity passing on culture, art or a craft to humans. Not only the Chinese say that silk came from other heavenly bodies. the ancient Khmer (of Cambodia) -it’s oral traditions say the same.

According to the Khmer oral legend, Silk was brought to earth by a female named Sota Chan, from another heavenly body. Because of her previous interference in the relations and affairs of ordinary humans, her mother amended her to return to earth, where she was to stay for 6 years and become the wife of a Chinese Peasant named Loem-Sang. However to her surprise Loem-Sang didn’t agree to marry her right away. Only after promising to teach him how to weave and process a type of silk “not seen on earth before” did he agree to marry her. Well and she kept her promise. She even bore a child, who was very skilled at arts. After the 6 years had passed Sota Chan ended her exile on earth and returned to her heavenly body.

Galaxy Seen threw X-ray light spectrum: Cosmically Turning like a Srivatsa

Galaxy Seen threw X-ray light spectrum: Cosmically Turning like a Srivatsa

From the heavens and back to the heavens again:
So back to “The Yellow Emperor” of China. He was said to live in the Kunlun-Mountains which today are in the heart of Tibet. After the emperor lived and ruled for over one hundred years, he prepared his “return” to the heavens. According to legend a metallic Dragon “descended from the sky” and took the emperor away.
Other tongues speak of Huang-Di not actually dying soon after but living a further 200 years in the Syuan Yuan stars (the Leo Constellation).

It turns out everything concerning space travel in ancient times is considered mythical by modern scholars and Scientists. However Chinese Archaeologists did discover evidence that the complex Chinese system of writing was already fully developed at the beginning of the Shang-Dynasty (1766-1122 B.C) which shows that the Chinese writing dates back to at least 4000 years ago.

Huang-Di’s “Dragon” is clearly depicted as a device to ascend to “the suns”. The Biography of Huang-Di states that the Changhuan as his Chariot is called, can cover an extreme distance in only a short period of time. And that a human who “rides” it can get very old- an age of two thousand years. This is quite consistent with many other global legends and religious accounts of time-dilation in regards to the “dragons, fire birds, chariots etc. of the gods”.

If these accounts, straight from books on Chinese Mythology sound similar to many other accounts of Deities around the globe, then it is probably because there is some truth in them.

What you believe is up to you. Please feel free to state your opinion, even if you don’t agree. Thank you for reading, in any case.


Chinese Mythology


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