UFO Mania | Finding Purpose in Being Human

Finding Purpose in Being Human

What is the purpose of being human? If we are more than our flesh and bones – rather Soul or Spirit- then there must be more to our purpose than the material world and it’s desirable things can reveal. There is a UFO Mania- sightings all around the world. As advanced as they seem to be, I belief they too are in search of their purpose.

UFOs are mysterious and they come from afar, beyond the realm of what we can humanly reach so far. Oh, no question, that they do exist. But I question if persuing them all to much can help me find my true purpose as a human.

I have learned that this universe we live in, together with those beings we refer to as aliens, is a entity in it’s self. The Zhuan Falun teaches that, along side it’s material existence it also has a quality, a character. Just like we humans, apart from our flesh and bones, also have qualitative traits such as a temperamens and a character. With out this we would really not be  more than just lifeless flesh and bones.

Cosmical principles every where

In the universe the quality and characteristics can be summarized as Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. These qualities transcend all matter, all particles and all beings in the universe. They exist beside the material particles of matter in each dimension and level of space.

Far away galaxy seen in the infrared spectrum

Far away galaxy seen in the infrared spectrum

Yes, even the far away aliens have to assimilate to the cosmical principles- it’s standards- where ever they are.
Without Truthfulness there would be no virtue to seal the terms that bind two parties to a contract.
Without Compassion, how would we ever recognize the suffering we cause our next and that of other beings?
Or without Forbearance how could be stay firm in our conviction about what is good or not? How would we forbear the currents that draw us to temptation and the discomfort connected to any virtuous attempt of withstanding such temptations.

Be this as it may, it seems to me very convincing that it is my purpose as a human to assimilate towards the highest point of the characteristics and qualities that the universe offers.

The Zhuan Falun further teaches, that using the cosmical principles to judge a matter or beings actions can really discern weather it is right or wrong, good or bad.

What purpose then do the UFOs and their extra terrestrials (ET) have? I do not know. But I am certain that they too are bound to the demand of virtue that the universe lays upon on all of it’s matter and beings. All of this, is regardless of Religion or Conviction. In my opinion it is more scientific than any theory or hypothesis empirical science can produce.

Circle of Debt and Reimbursement

We can look at history to draw our conclusion. There are a few universal principles that seam to stick out the most obviously: Doing Good is rewarded with good. While doing bad and harming others leads to retribution threw hardship and suffering.

According to ET’s our body is just a vessel and once perished our spirit moves on to a nother. Ancient texts like Budhism also describe the cycle of rebirth, and call it samsara.

If this is so, then wouldn’t it be likely that even if you have done no one any harm in this life, but you still suffer hardships of some sort, that you mite just be repaying your past life’s debts to other beings you were in relation with?

Black hole swallowing cosmical bodies

Black hole swallowing cosmical bodies

Ironically the ancient Greek did not eaves have a word for death. All they coined was a small sleep- every night, and a great sleep at the end of ones life journey. However, sleep is never final and we always awake from it. So the debts I owe will still be mine, even after I awake to a new day.

From all I have heard and learned about Aliens, even they have certain convictions about good and bad. Among them selves they also regard certain groups and their actions as wrong or negative.

The greater Purpose

Drawing my conclusion from the above I believe to have found a purpose for my self. This purpose transcends life on earth or on any other cosmical body in the universe.

It is the purpose of being a true being, to the merit of my capabilities. Doing good and not holding a grudge towards those who do wrong. Doing others no harm where I should rightfully endure my hardships to repay my past debt.

I mite be wrong. But with this I have found a purpose. And even if I am wrong all together. What could I possibley loose by being Truthful, Compassionate and Tolerant?



Germany UFO Sighting| Cigar shaped UFO, 1948

“This sighting happened 1948 when I (Peter) was a child, helping my uncle plow the field. When a cigar shaped object flew over  me, so fast after I had drawn my uncles attention it was already to late.

I was a six year old child, but very aware of my surrounding. People used to tell me that. Because even the magicians and their pocket trickery  could seldom fool me.

It was a bright spring morning. It happened in Hunsrueck, Germany.  My uncle Hans  and I  were on a carriage pulled by two cows, plowing the field. When suddenly I obseved a fast moving object in the sky. The flying object was cigar shaped, and seemed to emitting a flame behind it. Hower it left no condense stripes, which would be usual for the exhaust of a plane today.

Man on Carrige pulled by Cows

Man on Farm with Carriage and Cows

I could not identify the flying object, therefore, I refer to my sighting today as a UFO. The sighting happened in a time frame of about a second.

However, it was only many years later. As I was studying Mechanical Engineering at a prestigious College in Cologne, when I reflected on this particular childhood experience.

At the the time of my thinking back and re collecting what had taken place, I was specializing in Flight engineering and aerodynamics. For this reason I was actually able to make a rough estimate of the speed that UFO must have been traveling. This brought out the significance of the UFOs flight properties compared to what was top of the notch at that time ( 1948) in Germany.

The object ,I roughly calculated, must have been traveling with a speed of  10,000 miles per hour. For 1948 that was quite a speed.  I was in company of my uncle Hans and two cows back then. However uncle Hans, as he usually did, was fast asleep and by the time I had him awake, the object was gone.

Messerschitt Me 262

Messerschmitt Me 262

I am very shore that what I saw back then was not a rocket, because the fastest rockets the germans had were the V2, which was not that fast. And secondly the bomber Messerschmitt Me 262, which also could not reach such a speed.

What ever it was, it was fast and cigar shaped. I can not precisely say what kind of object I saw,  but because it was flying and un identifiable, I assume I saw a UfO.


UFO | Thin Line between Fraud and Authenticity

The thin line between Real and Fake can be very confusing to those who want to explore the reality of UFO.

However it can be noted that even if 99% of the millions of cases and sightings were fake, then the remaining 1% would leave us with thousands of cases that have yet to be explained and explored by scientists and experts.

Who has not heard of Unidentified Flying Objects buzzing through the sky? Performing maneuvers impossible to ordinary planes and pilots.

Or the accounts of people who allegedly fell victim to abductions by extraterrestrials. The point that makes these cases appealing are the references drawn from post-hypnosis.

The list is large and the accounts are many.  What can we believe and what should we take with a grain of salt?

Omnec Onec claims to have come to earth from Venus as a child to complete her mission

Omnec Onec claims to have come to earth from Venus as a child to complete her mission

Just as the number of UFO believers is growing, the amount of fraud cases are too.
Thus those who  do not believe use these frauds to discredit the whole subject of UFO.

Is it possible that we are the only species with intelligence and technology in our entire cosmical neighborhood we call the milky way-galaxy?

The line between fraud, mockery and authentic evidence is very thin. So thin in fact, that it has become ever harder to actually prove that sightings are real,  but ever so easier to discredit the UFO sightings based upon the abundance of hoaxes.

"The pictures of Mr Li standing next to the rather crude looking extraterrestrial have sparked a frenzy of speculation social networking sites across China."

“The pictures of Mr Li standing next to the rather crude looking extraterrestrial have sparked a frenzy of speculation social networking sites across China.”

People who sought to attract attention with fake facts usually cause harm to the credibility of seriously involved participants of UFO research.

There are many examples on YouTube to prove my point. Just type in UFO.
I personally am not taking the standpoint of any party.  I would just like to point out the harm that dishonesty can cause to the legitimacy of a subjects- like the question about the existence of UFO, where they come from, why they come and what their agenda is.

Grey Type Alien being interviewed at a military facility in the U.S.  Video was leaked from a insider of the top secret facility

Grey Type Alien being interviewed at a military facility in the U.S.
Video was leaked from a insider of the top secret facility

Anyone who speaks about UFOs in public faces the danger of losing his credibility in Society and most scientific societies. That is why UFO-logy has not really made it to the ranks of Archaeology and Paleontology yet.

However it seems the major media mostly run with the obviously hoax stories, which  have an defaming effect on the audience, because it is usually totally obvious that the sighting was faked.

But there still remains that small fraction of authentic sightings and truly experienced things.


UFO Secrets | The W56 Friendship

UFO Secrets | The W56 Friendship and Disclosure Project

Humans and ETs Working together

Italy. In the 1950-60s people talked about it, the media wrote about it. Everybody wanted to know about it, but it seemed impossible to pierce threw the mystery around the matter.The Friendship as it was called was between a group of Extraterrestrials (ETs) and three close friends.

What distinguished these specific ETs the most beside their advanced technology was their strong sense of harmony, positive energy and high moral sense. Threw out the entire friendship they would convey and teach based appon the values of  loyalty, compassion and friendship.

Screenshot from “The Friendship Case”
One of the group members reading the magazine which in 1962 would feature a series of UFO sightings


After decades of secrecy, finally a few eyewitnesses involved in the so called “Friendship Case” step up and speak out in this revealing documentary stared on UFO TV.  How factual the events are and how much weight we can put on the matter is yet to be seen. However personally I find the documentary interesting and at the least, entertaining to watch.

The following content is a rough summary of the documentary “The Friendship Case”.

The Friendship Case | The Meeting

The Setting is Italy, 1960s. Three Friend Bruno, Jian Carlo, Julio come in to possession of a map depicting a old castle. The three decide to visit the location, the map shows. They do so several times. However one evening they meet two very peculiar male persons. One of whom is said to be about 1m/ 3.3 feet, and the other one 2.5m/ about 8 feet tall.

It turns out that these two peculiar men are extra terrestrials. The two men then unveil their knowledge about earth, it’s history and purpose and the dangers that man faces because of his moral decay.

Screen shot from “The Friendship Case”
Thee three eye wittnesses in one of many conversations with the two ETs

Among the things the three learn from the extraterrestrials are:

“Earth was created for positive reason, man however is turning it in to something evil.
The moral value of man is much lower than their (the ETs) own.
Also explaining that this is a very critical moment in history and atomic weapons are capable of destroying the planet in a matter of minutes. Something which could very well happen because of our (humans) very low moral sense.”

The two men also said : Their task is to ensure, things don’t get out of hand.
They further added, they aren’t here to conquer as there is nothing to conquer.
That everything stemmed from the need for love and respect.

They knew earth’s history, philosophy and religions perfectly.

They had been on earth for many centuries. Living on secret bases. According to the two extra terrestrials they preferred to remain unnoticed..not reveling them selves because the humans were not ready..

The conversation between the three friends and the two ET lasted until 3am.

The Meetings between the now ” friends” continued for months.

The ET Bases

One of the most impressive facts about the ET’s–according to the documentary–was the location of their bases, in Italy and around the world. Their most important base in Europe, they said, was in Italy.Their main one is at the bottom, in the depth of the Adriatic Shells. So deep, it was almost in contact with the continental plates. And many others.

The ETs also explained to the three eye witnesses how they build their bases.
Not by digging, but by a certain method of compressing material laterally.

The bases are created laterally..a process that can even be reversed when they move out

Screen Shot from “The Friendship Case”
The bases are created laterally..a process that can even be reversed when they move out

“The soil would thicken in to what would later become the walls of the base.
And then the outer structure was formed by extremely dense and therefore extremely strong material.
As advanced as they may be, the interesting thing is that this construction was very unstable. Therefor it always had to be kept standing.
All you had to do was flip a switch and everything returned to the enitial state.
So for them (the ETs) to open and close a location, was a very common operation.
The same system was used to create each and every corridor ” in to the bases .. Even the bases close to the surface didn’t have stable entrances”

A Mutual Bennifit

The friendship between the three eye witnesses and the ETs was not only one-way. Eventually the ETs asked the group for help. The ETs were reffered to by the group as W56, 56 being the year the first encounter between the ETs and the three friends took place. They (ETs)  requested the delivery of industrial amounts of fruit, metals and strange minerals like Strontium and Barium nitrate. Today we know these metals serve as components for electrical parts in cameras cellphones and other electronic devices. In those days no one knew what these metals were for.

The group of friends would organize the logistics and transport of the large quantity of requested goods to the specified sites. Once the truck pulled up on location, the cargo was teleported- and the truck unloaded in a matter of seconds.
To prevent the truck drivers from catching suspicion, one of the group members would invite the driver to a drink in a nearby bar, with the excuse that a designated special team would arrive to unload the truck. In the meantime another group member would stay at the truck, and guard it.

It is notably strange that such advanced beings who could have anything they wanted would assign humans the task of assisting them, in such a rudimentary way..
Some say it was their way of keeping a sense of coherence between them and the few humans they selected to interact with.

ET based Disclosure Project

The W56 (ETs) also organized planed UFO sightings. Informing the group when and where a UFO would appear, so they could wait-at the location with camera equipment ready to capture the sighting.

Sometimes the photos where also published..Such as a series of sightings over Milan,  photographed by Gaspare de Lama  , which ended up in Dominika Delcorierie, the second issue of 1962. The eye witnesses Gaspare de Lama, Bruno Samangice and the Journalist Bruno Gibaurdi, one of the first Journalists to seriously address the issue.

The question however remains, how much weight should we give to these claims?

The Evidence

During the time of the above mentioned and the thereafter following events, large quantities of Film, Audio and Photo material were generated. Much of witch was lost or stolen during the past decades. However the material that remaines serves as a rich grindstone for evaluating the authenticity of the material and the mentioned accounts and stories told today by some of the eyewitnesses.

Even after extensive evaluations and sophisticated tests, the photos and video material remain indisputable. With no distinguishable signs of alteration.

Screen shot from "The Friendship Case"

Screen shot from “The Friendship Case”
One of the pictures take by an eye witness during time of “Friendship Case”

It is not known how many people were involved in the “Friendship”.
But the known people who were involved in the “Friendship” were from all walks of life and society.

“Friendship” is also said to have been active in other countries…France, Switzerland, Germany. Also in Siberia, Argentina, Australia..just naming a few of the known.

Be the story as it is. True or not. There are to many accounts of mysterious events  to stay blinded by the notion, that we are alone in the universe and the most superior.

At the least it invites us to be more humble and evaluate the mysteries of life, the human body and the universe in a more open minded way.


Blast from the past | The First Disclosure Project related to hearings in front of Congress members

Disclosure News Conference, May 9th, 2001

Several dozen wittneses came together to give of their testimony on UFO related matters. The witnesses were from around the world ranging from branches of military to government services. The Event was hosted by director of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven M. Greer at the National Press Club.

It was an historic event for the National Press Club in DC on May 9, 2001. For the first time nearly two dozen military, intelligence, government and other witnesses to UFO and extraterrestrial events came forward.

This kicked off “The Campaign for Disclosure”. A campaign to get open hearings in the Congress on the subject of UFO sightings , ban weapons from space and get the earth-saving technologies related to UFO energy and propulsion systems out, to benefit  the world.


Dr. Steven M. Greer, Director of the Disclosure Project

The project identified several hundred witnesses throughout the world. Ranging from branches of the armed services, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), DIA, CIA, NASA, Russia, UK, and other agencies and countries. Over 100 were video taped and 70 transcribed in to edited testimony.

The testimony and evidence are compelling circumstantial evidence that promote the credibility of may other testimonies about the sighting of UFO and other related matters.

Along with this advanced technologies have been identified which are said to be able to enable the earth to attain a sustainable civilization without pollution, energy shortages or global warming. This of course only if the technologies can be used under morally sound and humanitary reasoned circumstances.

While there was not clear proof that all extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to humanity or the earth, the testimony shows that many are concerned about nuclear and space-based weapon systems, and human ware fare.

Deities gave Humans Culture | Ancient China-Visitors from the heavens

Did the Deities from the “heavens” teach us how to Read and Write?

Around the globe we find many accounts of Deities ascending from the heavens and living among humans- leaving back a legacy of Culture, Writing and Arts. To the modern scholars everything from the past that sounds more advanced than today is regarded mythology. Are the accounts of ancient really just myth or is there more to the stories of beings from the heavens who teach humans Writing and Culture?

Lets reach as far out as we can..

There is allot of proof that humans obtained their culture from deities..that came from the heavens.

Helios and His Flying Chariot pulled by Winged horses

Helios and His Flying Chariot pulled by Winged horses

Even if the beings to whom the ancients referred to as Gods were of flesh and bone or a material manifestation of some type.. this does not make their revelations to humans less holy and divine. It also does not mean that what orthodox religions like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others believe in is not true. There are many aspects of the Universal Reality which we can not judge alone with our eyes or 5 seances or by using our limited understanding of science alone.

Yes there are also accounts of negative beings in the past. They would misuse the humans vulnerabiliy to temptation. His wishes to gain material wealth, recognition and fame. The negative beings how ever only seam to be allowed to exist to a certain extend, beyond which they would be banished and the balance restored.
Also the beings we speak of here, are not those you mean when you talk about aliens.. Even aliens are subject to the cosmical principles and standards of character which go beyond even their level of understanding. They mite not speak our language but with out following universal principles of Truth, Compassion or Forbearance they would not be able to continue existing.They would have eliminated them selves by using their advanced technology. Judged by the Universal principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance you can truly distinguish between evil and righteous, right and wrong, good and bad.

So we are referring to those known as great enlightened beings and Deities from other cosmical bodies who in the past of man kind descended from the heavens and passed on to humans knowledge of Culture, Art and Writing. Those who are spoken of in Religions and ancient writings.

English: Zhuanxu, one of the mythical Five Sov...

English: Zhuanxu, one of the mythical Five Sovereigns. Inscription reads: ‘The God Zhuanxu, Gao Yang, was the grandson of the Yellow Emperor and the son of Chang Yi’ (Birrell, Chinese Mythology, ISBN 0-8018-6183-7, p.48) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Yellow Emperor of China:
One well known and documented legend is the one of the Chinese Emperor Huang-Die (2697-2598 B.C.)-also known as “The Yellow Emperor”. It is also known from legends of other cultures like the Egyptians and Zulus, that those kings and rulers who descended from the heavens were referred to as “Gods” or Deities. Chinese accounts are no different in this regard.

How silk was passed on to humans from the heavens:
According to legend, before Huang -Di was born “a radiance from the great star Chi and the Dipper Constellation (Ursa Major) could be seen. After Hung-Di’s birth, which was marked with a “thunderclap on a clear day in the skies he begins to unify China. He is also credited for giving culture, teaching Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to the chinese people of that time. It is also said that his wife taught the Chinese how to make silk.

Now this is not the only account of a Deity passing on culture, art or a craft to humans. Not only the Chinese say that silk came from other heavenly bodies. the ancient Khmer (of Cambodia) -it’s oral traditions say the same.

According to the Khmer oral legend, Silk was brought to earth by a female named Sota Chan, from another heavenly body. Because of her previous interference in the relations and affairs of ordinary humans, her mother amended her to return to earth, where she was to stay for 6 years and become the wife of a Chinese Peasant named Loem-Sang. However to her surprise Loem-Sang didn’t agree to marry her right away. Only after promising to teach him how to weave and process a type of silk “not seen on earth before” did he agree to marry her. Well and she kept her promise. She even bore a child, who was very skilled at arts. After the 6 years had passed Sota Chan ended her exile on earth and returned to her heavenly body.

Galaxy Seen threw X-ray light spectrum: Cosmically Turning like a Srivatsa

Galaxy Seen threw X-ray light spectrum: Cosmically Turning like a Srivatsa

From the heavens and back to the heavens again:
So back to “The Yellow Emperor” of China. He was said to live in the Kunlun-Mountains which today are in the heart of Tibet. After the emperor lived and ruled for over one hundred years, he prepared his “return” to the heavens. According to legend a metallic Dragon “descended from the sky” and took the emperor away.
Other tongues speak of Huang-Di not actually dying soon after but living a further 200 years in the Syuan Yuan stars (the Leo Constellation).

It turns out everything concerning space travel in ancient times is considered mythical by modern scholars and Scientists. However Chinese Archaeologists did discover evidence that the complex Chinese system of writing was already fully developed at the beginning of the Shang-Dynasty (1766-1122 B.C) which shows that the Chinese writing dates back to at least 4000 years ago.

Huang-Di’s “Dragon” is clearly depicted as a device to ascend to “the suns”. The Biography of Huang-Di states that the Changhuan as his Chariot is called, can cover an extreme distance in only a short period of time. And that a human who “rides” it can get very old- an age of two thousand years. This is quite consistent with many other global legends and religious accounts of time-dilation in regards to the “dragons, fire birds, chariots etc. of the gods”.

If these accounts, straight from books on Chinese Mythology sound similar to many other accounts of Deities around the globe, then it is probably because there is some truth in them.

What you believe is up to you. Please feel free to state your opinion, even if you don’t agree. Thank you for reading, in any case.


Chinese Mythology




Genetic Disc | Advanced Biological Knowledge in Ancient Times

Genetic Disc

How Advanced was Ancient Knowledge of Genetics?

The Genetic Disc is dated Pre Columbian and is amazing in several ways. Archeologically it challenges our excepted historical knowledge. Scientifically it challenges our understanding of the formability of materials. And in terms of Biology it’s content pre dates any of our known imagery of the same subject.


Archeology seams to have a well known category. The one we can follow closely in school books and modern history books.

However there is another category of archeology, one not very known to the mainstream public. It is not my intention to weave any conspiracy. However it is a fact, once you research the matter for your self, that many great archeological discoveries made over the past decades have never been exposed to the greater public in peer reviewed magazines and hardly threw the media either.

This field of disputed archaeology is also coined Forbidden Archaeology and the artifacts it deals with are known as “out of place artifacts“.

The point is, that we are constantly re discovering our selves, our origin and history. With origin I do not mean the Ancient Alien theory. In this regard I ask of you to please read without any prejudice. I believe we underestimate our ancients and the pre historic civilizations that mite have existed before ours.

The Genetic Disc

One of such out of place artifacts is the Genetic Disc. Much credit goes to Mr. Klaus Dona who sponsored the Image of the Disc.  He has spent more time in the field than many academically acclaimed Archaeologist. He dedicates his days, aside from his main work as a art curator, to uncovering and researching many other such artifacts. Many of which, by carbon-dating, pre-date the formally excepted beginning of human civilization with writing, art and handcraft.


Genetic Disc, seen from Front side. (Curtsey Klaus Dona)

The Genetic Disc was found in Columbia and the original belongs to a well known designer and architect there, Jaime Gutierrez. He has been collecting strange artifacts from his country for decades.

The Genetic Disc is made of a very peculiar material called lydite. It measures a diameter of about 27cm (10.63 inches ) Hardly anyone will know this material if he is not an expert on materials. It’s so unknown, the spelling checker of most text editors including My Blog’s doesn’t have the word lydite in it. This material is very hard, almost as hard as Granite. Which roughly compared to Diamond on a MOHS scale would be between 6-7.[1] However lydite is very fragile due to the fact that it’s internally layered like paper. So making anything usable from it would be sheer impossible, according to our modern day technological standards. It would break away with the first impact or- try to carve something in to it. However the picture of the Genetic Disc you see above clearly shows, not only a well bound solid, but also a ornamented- with little symbols or pictures- rounded flat disc. How were the ancients capable producing such a art peace?

Another interesting aspect about the Genetic Disk are the pictures on it. In terms of Biology, many of the little pictures on it are only known to us today do to the use of microscopes. Yes, that’s right. We are talking about a object which is probably centuries or even thousands of years old.

It shows pictures of a sperm, fetus and even female egg. With as little as school biology, you would have to put in some mental effort to ignore the associations that spontaneously pop up in your mind, when observing the pictures. It is mysterious how such ancient man could know something, which is technologically very profound to us.

This brings us to one of the most pushing aspects of the Genetic Disc- It’s age and the question, who and how did they create it. Again I would like to emphasize that we still know much to little about the capabilities of our ancients or even their technological standards.

The following short video taken from a History Channel Episode illustrates the conceptual question: ” Would they even know we were here 500 -1000 years from today, if we all were wiped out today?”

You are free to draw your personal conclusions about the Genetic Disc, from the facts I have presented here. Many still draw their conclusions based on the main stream of science’s opinion or the peer reviewed magazines they publish.  The information presented here mite be disputed in such sources. But it does not make it less credible.

As mentioned in the beginning the existence of the Genetic Disc – which is literally a un copyable master peace, even with todays technology-is still a mystery.

The historian will have to review his understanding of his notion of historic cronology..The Biologist will need be open to an existence of knowledge about the micro cosmos well before our history books note the invention of the first compound microscope. “Two Dutch Spectacle makers, Zaccharias Janssen and his father Hans started experimenting with it around 1590.”[2]

Regardless of any of the above we as a rational and universally open being are once more challenged to disregard what we think to know about our selves and history and be more open to what we can still learn, remember and readapt.

By Hermann Rohr


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohs_scale_of_mineral_hardness

[2] http://www.microscope-microscope.org/basic/microscope-history.htm