Blast from the past | The First Disclosure Project related to hearings in front of Congress members

Disclosure News Conference, May 9th, 2001

Several dozen wittneses came together to give of their testimony on UFO related matters. The witnesses were from around the world ranging from branches of military to government services. The Event was hosted by director of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven M. Greer at the National Press Club.

It was an historic event for the National Press Club in DC on May 9, 2001. For the first time nearly two dozen military, intelligence, government and other witnesses to UFO and extraterrestrial events came forward.

This kicked off “The Campaign for Disclosure”. A campaign to get open hearings in the Congress on the subject of UFO sightings , ban weapons from space and get the earth-saving technologies related to UFO energy and propulsion systems out, to benefitĀ  the world.


Dr. Steven M. Greer, Director of the Disclosure Project

The project identified several hundred witnesses throughout the world. Ranging from branches of the armed services, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), DIA, CIA, NASA, Russia, UK, and other agencies and countries. Over 100 were video taped and 70 transcribed in to edited testimony.

The testimony and evidence are compelling circumstantial evidence that promote the credibility of may other testimonies about the sighting of UFO and other related matters.

Along with this advanced technologies have been identified which are said to be able to enable the earth to attain a sustainable civilization without pollution, energy shortages or global warming. This of course only if the technologies can be used under morally sound and humanitary reasoned circumstances.

While there was not clear proof that all extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to humanity or the earth, the testimony shows that many are concerned about nuclear and space-based weapon systems, and human ware fare.