UFO Mania | Finding Purpose in Being Human

Finding Purpose in Being Human

What is the purpose of being human? If we are more than our flesh and bones – rather Soul or Spirit- then there must be more to our purpose than the material world and it’s desirable things can reveal. There is a UFO Mania- sightings all around the world. As advanced as they seem to be, I belief they too are in search of their purpose.

UFOs are mysterious and they come from afar, beyond the realm of what we can humanly reach so far. Oh, no question, that they do exist. But I question if persuing them all to much can help me find my true purpose as a human.

I have learned that this universe we live in, together with those beings we refer to as aliens, is a entity in it’s self. The Zhuan Falun teaches that, along side it’s material existence it also has a quality, a character. Just like we humans, apart from our flesh and bones, also have qualitative traits such as a temperamens and a character. With out this we would really not be  more than just lifeless flesh and bones.

Cosmical principles every where

In the universe the quality and characteristics can be summarized as Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. These qualities transcend all matter, all particles and all beings in the universe. They exist beside the material particles of matter in each dimension and level of space.

Far away galaxy seen in the infrared spectrum

Far away galaxy seen in the infrared spectrum

Yes, even the far away aliens have to assimilate to the cosmical principles- it’s standards- where ever they are.
Without Truthfulness there would be no virtue to seal the terms that bind two parties to a contract.
Without Compassion, how would we ever recognize the suffering we cause our next and that of other beings?
Or without Forbearance how could be stay firm in our conviction about what is good or not? How would we forbear the currents that draw us to temptation and the discomfort connected to any virtuous attempt of withstanding such temptations.

Be this as it may, it seems to me very convincing that it is my purpose as a human to assimilate towards the highest point of the characteristics and qualities that the universe offers.

The Zhuan Falun further teaches, that using the cosmical principles to judge a matter or beings actions can really discern weather it is right or wrong, good or bad.

What purpose then do the UFOs and their extra terrestrials (ET) have? I do not know. But I am certain that they too are bound to the demand of virtue that the universe lays upon on all of it’s matter and beings. All of this, is regardless of Religion or Conviction. In my opinion it is more scientific than any theory or hypothesis empirical science can produce.

Circle of Debt and Reimbursement

We can look at history to draw our conclusion. There are a few universal principles that seam to stick out the most obviously: Doing Good is rewarded with good. While doing bad and harming others leads to retribution threw hardship and suffering.

According to ET’s our body is just a vessel and once perished our spirit moves on to a nother. Ancient texts like Budhism also describe the cycle of rebirth, and call it samsara.

If this is so, then wouldn’t it be likely that even if you have done no one any harm in this life, but you still suffer hardships of some sort, that you mite just be repaying your past life’s debts to other beings you were in relation with?

Black hole swallowing cosmical bodies

Black hole swallowing cosmical bodies

Ironically the ancient Greek did not eaves have a word for death. All they coined was a small sleep- every night, and a great sleep at the end of ones life journey. However, sleep is never final and we always awake from it. So the debts I owe will still be mine, even after I awake to a new day.

From all I have heard and learned about Aliens, even they have certain convictions about good and bad. Among them selves they also regard certain groups and their actions as wrong or negative.

The greater Purpose

Drawing my conclusion from the above I believe to have found a purpose for my self. This purpose transcends life on earth or on any other cosmical body in the universe.

It is the purpose of being a true being, to the merit of my capabilities. Doing good and not holding a grudge towards those who do wrong. Doing others no harm where I should rightfully endure my hardships to repay my past debt.

I mite be wrong. But with this I have found a purpose. And even if I am wrong all together. What could I possibley loose by being Truthful, Compassionate and Tolerant?



Germany UFO Sighting| Cigar shaped UFO, 1948

“This sighting happened 1948 when I (Peter) was a child, helping my uncle plow the field. When a cigar shaped object flew over  me, so fast after I had drawn my uncles attention it was already to late.

I was a six year old child, but very aware of my surrounding. People used to tell me that. Because even the magicians and their pocket trickery  could seldom fool me.

It was a bright spring morning. It happened in Hunsrueck, Germany.  My uncle Hans  and I  were on a carriage pulled by two cows, plowing the field. When suddenly I obseved a fast moving object in the sky. The flying object was cigar shaped, and seemed to emitting a flame behind it. Hower it left no condense stripes, which would be usual for the exhaust of a plane today.

Man on Carrige pulled by Cows

Man on Farm with Carriage and Cows

I could not identify the flying object, therefore, I refer to my sighting today as a UFO. The sighting happened in a time frame of about a second.

However, it was only many years later. As I was studying Mechanical Engineering at a prestigious College in Cologne, when I reflected on this particular childhood experience.

At the the time of my thinking back and re collecting what had taken place, I was specializing in Flight engineering and aerodynamics. For this reason I was actually able to make a rough estimate of the speed that UFO must have been traveling. This brought out the significance of the UFOs flight properties compared to what was top of the notch at that time ( 1948) in Germany.

The object ,I roughly calculated, must have been traveling with a speed of  10,000 miles per hour. For 1948 that was quite a speed.  I was in company of my uncle Hans and two cows back then. However uncle Hans, as he usually did, was fast asleep and by the time I had him awake, the object was gone.

Messerschitt Me 262

Messerschmitt Me 262

I am very shore that what I saw back then was not a rocket, because the fastest rockets the germans had were the V2, which was not that fast. And secondly the bomber Messerschmitt Me 262, which also could not reach such a speed.

What ever it was, it was fast and cigar shaped. I can not precisely say what kind of object I saw,  but because it was flying and un identifiable, I assume I saw a UfO.


UFO | Thin Line between Fraud and Authenticity

The thin line between Real and Fake can be very confusing to those who want to explore the reality of UFO.

However it can be noted that even if 99% of the millions of cases and sightings were fake, then the remaining 1% would leave us with thousands of cases that have yet to be explained and explored by scientists and experts.

Who has not heard of Unidentified Flying Objects buzzing through the sky? Performing maneuvers impossible to ordinary planes and pilots.

Or the accounts of people who allegedly fell victim to abductions by extraterrestrials. The point that makes these cases appealing are the references drawn from post-hypnosis.

The list is large and the accounts are many.  What can we believe and what should we take with a grain of salt?

Omnec Onec claims to have come to earth from Venus as a child to complete her mission

Omnec Onec claims to have come to earth from Venus as a child to complete her mission

Just as the number of UFO believers is growing, the amount of fraud cases are too.
Thus those who  do not believe use these frauds to discredit the whole subject of UFO.

Is it possible that we are the only species with intelligence and technology in our entire cosmical neighborhood we call the milky way-galaxy?

The line between fraud, mockery and authentic evidence is very thin. So thin in fact, that it has become ever harder to actually prove that sightings are real,  but ever so easier to discredit the UFO sightings based upon the abundance of hoaxes.

"The pictures of Mr Li standing next to the rather crude looking extraterrestrial have sparked a frenzy of speculation social networking sites across China."

“The pictures of Mr Li standing next to the rather crude looking extraterrestrial have sparked a frenzy of speculation social networking sites across China.”

People who sought to attract attention with fake facts usually cause harm to the credibility of seriously involved participants of UFO research.

There are many examples on YouTube to prove my point. Just type in UFO.
I personally am not taking the standpoint of any party.  I would just like to point out the harm that dishonesty can cause to the legitimacy of a subjects- like the question about the existence of UFO, where they come from, why they come and what their agenda is.

Grey Type Alien being interviewed at a military facility in the U.S.  Video was leaked from a insider of the top secret facility

Grey Type Alien being interviewed at a military facility in the U.S.
Video was leaked from a insider of the top secret facility

Anyone who speaks about UFOs in public faces the danger of losing his credibility in Society and most scientific societies. That is why UFO-logy has not really made it to the ranks of Archaeology and Paleontology yet.

However it seems the major media mostly run with the obviously hoax stories, which  have an defaming effect on the audience, because it is usually totally obvious that the sighting was faked.

But there still remains that small fraction of authentic sightings and truly experienced things.