Genetic Disc | Advanced Biological Knowledge in Ancient Times

Genetic Disc

How Advanced was Ancient Knowledge of Genetics?

The Genetic Disc is dated Pre Columbian and is amazing in several ways. Archeologically it challenges our excepted historical knowledge. Scientifically it challenges our understanding of the formability of materials. And in terms of Biology it’s content pre dates any of our known imagery of the same subject.


Archeology seams to have a well known category. The one we can follow closely in school books and modern history books.

However there is another category of archeology, one not very known to the mainstream public. It is not my intention to weave any conspiracy. However it is a fact, once you research the matter for your self, that many great archeological discoveries made over the past decades have never been exposed to the greater public in peer reviewed magazines and hardly threw the media either.

This field of disputed archaeology is also coined Forbidden Archaeology and the artifacts it deals with are known as “out of place artifacts“.

The point is, that we are constantly re discovering our selves, our origin and history. With origin I do not mean the Ancient Alien theory. In this regard I ask of you to please read without any prejudice. I believe we underestimate our ancients and the pre historic civilizations that mite have existed before ours.

The Genetic Disc

One of such out of place artifacts is the Genetic Disc. Much credit goes to Mr. Klaus Dona who sponsored the Image of the Disc.  He has spent more time in the field than many academically acclaimed Archaeologist. He dedicates his days, aside from his main work as a art curator, to uncovering and researching many other such artifacts. Many of which, by carbon-dating, pre-date the formally excepted beginning of human civilization with writing, art and handcraft.


Genetic Disc, seen from Front side. (Curtsey Klaus Dona)

The Genetic Disc was found in Columbia and the original belongs to a well known designer and architect there, Jaime Gutierrez. He has been collecting strange artifacts from his country for decades.

The Genetic Disc is made of a very peculiar material called lydite. It measures a diameter of about 27cm (10.63 inches ) Hardly anyone will know this material if he is not an expert on materials. It’s so unknown, the spelling checker of most text editors including My Blog’s doesn’t have the word lydite in it. This material is very hard, almost as hard as Granite. Which roughly compared to Diamond on a MOHS scale would be between 6-7.[1] However lydite is very fragile due to the fact that it’s internally layered like paper. So making anything usable from it would be sheer impossible, according to our modern day technological standards. It would break away with the first impact or- try to carve something in to it. However the picture of the Genetic Disc you see above clearly shows, not only a well bound solid, but also a ornamented- with little symbols or pictures- rounded flat disc. How were the ancients capable producing such a art peace?

Another interesting aspect about the Genetic Disk are the pictures on it. In terms of Biology, many of the little pictures on it are only known to us today do to the use of microscopes. Yes, that’s right. We are talking about a object which is probably centuries or even thousands of years old.

It shows pictures of a sperm, fetus and even female egg. With as little as school biology, you would have to put in some mental effort to ignore the associations that spontaneously pop up in your mind, when observing the pictures. It is mysterious how such ancient man could know something, which is technologically very profound to us.

This brings us to one of the most pushing aspects of the Genetic Disc- It’s age and the question, who and how did they create it. Again I would like to emphasize that we still know much to little about the capabilities of our ancients or even their technological standards.

The following short video taken from a History Channel Episode illustrates the conceptual question: ” Would they even know we were here 500 -1000 years from today, if we all were wiped out today?”

You are free to draw your personal conclusions about the Genetic Disc, from the facts I have presented here. Many still draw their conclusions based on the main stream of science’s opinion or the peer reviewed magazines they publish.  The information presented here mite be disputed in such sources. But it does not make it less credible.

As mentioned in the beginning the existence of the Genetic Disc – which is literally a un copyable master peace, even with todays technology-is still a mystery.

The historian will have to review his understanding of his notion of historic cronology..The Biologist will need be open to an existence of knowledge about the micro cosmos well before our history books note the invention of the first compound microscope. “Two Dutch Spectacle makers, Zaccharias Janssen and his father Hans started experimenting with it around 1590.”[2]

Regardless of any of the above we as a rational and universally open being are once more challenged to disregard what we think to know about our selves and history and be more open to what we can still learn, remember and readapt.

By Hermann Rohr




6 thoughts on “Genetic Disc | Advanced Biological Knowledge in Ancient Times

  1. Yoshi says:

    It was very interesting

  2. Nash says:

    I’d love for this to be a genuine relic, but it has a lot of the bells and whistles of a modern forgery. The possiblity that it is a stylistically unexampled ancient object which is unique in the world certainly exists, but for now I think it wise to assume otherwise.

    • hexiarmin says:

      Thank you for your comment..

      The Genetic disc has been verified by independent scientists/ metallurgists in Vienna.
      So there is no question about the authenticity of the material- being Lydite.

      Also to the question of forgery, unfortunately that does happen these days.

      But because of the properties that the material of the Genetic Disc has, it is impossible to replicate it, even using todays most advanced methods..

      So who ever would forge a genetic disc made of Lydite would have to be a genius… Making the peace a work of mastery of modern art.

  3. Klaus says:

    It looks a modern forgery and many things are being said without substantiate them with any serious evidence. where was it found? by whom and under which circumstances?
    Is there a peer-reviewed publication describing the material? Is there any seriious publicatino at all about this object or only claims in the internet?
    where is it exhibited, can I see it?

    • hexiarmin says:

      Dear Klaus. Thank you very much for your honest comment.

      I agree with you, that these days many things are being said without substantiate evidence, especially for self interest and material profit.

      However the subject about pre-historic artifacts in and of its self has been taken on by many honorable experts over the past decades.
      They have don experiments and verified the authenticity of many pieces of artifacts…which however till today have not been considered by the so called “peer-reviewing” societies or magazines.
      The web is full of it..but be sure to cross reference and trace back the source of the information as far as possible..The last judgment about the source thereafter will always be up to you.. Because in the end, as long as you aren’t in the laboratory yourself or on site..You will always have to take someone else’s word for true.

      On the other hand much of the peer-reviewed subjects you will find are not factually proven 100 percent either, or that substantial often. The research often promotes a hypothesis and validates the conclusions that are in line with the commonly shared scientific notion about a subject, so that it can become a theory (all deduction and conclusions are drawn within a set frame of notion).. but that doesn’t mean it is final truth..even if it is peer reviewed. No critic meant, I just want to make the point that even if it’s not peer-reviewed, it not necessarily, not substantially verified scientifically.

      Concerning the Genetic-disk you can find allot about it on the net. But I suggest you follow the information linked to Mr. Klaus Dona, from Austria. He has dedicated the past 20 years networking with private collectors, to publicly exhibit their artifacts, so that they can be studied by researchers. This has happened a few times… also with the original of the Genetic-Disk.

      You can find a very informative presentation by Klaus Dona at this link:

      In it, he also refers to scientist and experts who actually either examined or personally observed some of the artifacts.
      He also admits that there is some uncertainty about some peaces and uncertainty about their authenticity.

      Also one last thing to note…
      A reason you will not find much peer-reviewing on such matters is, that many scientists are afraid to touch the sensitive subject. Because the implications that are connected to the official validation of prehistoric advanced-civilizations would be ground shaking for our common understanding of history, science, archaeology, etymology etc.
      Those that do, get critique from their colleagues or are denounced in the circle of “mainstream” science.

      But please, don’t just take my word on it. Check out the link I posted above. Convince your self. Once you search with a open mind. I am certain you will be very likely to find more than you think..

  4. Aaron says:

    It’s possible they could have used an alkaloid based plant to melt the stone away they have legends of of red plant that could turn stone to liquid they learned this by observing birds in nature carve there nests out of a rock face they would fly down pick leaves off of this red plant and then they would rub the plant material on the rock face and wait a minute and then they would carve there nest out of the rock face

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